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What Causes Headaches?
For the thousands of people that suffer from pain is. Headaches can be caused by a number of different factors. Some of these factors may include: gender, genetics, living environment, work conditions, poor nutrition, poor posture, etc. Whatever the cause may be, Dr. Johnson will help you identify your source of pain and will help you overcome the headaches that affect you on a regular basis.

Medicine only covers up theheadaches-nerves pain!!

People regularly turn to different types of   over the counter medications to help them when they experience headaches.   Many of these pills will give temporary relief but will not eliminate the cause of the pain.  In many instances headache medicine will only act as a band aid and those experiencing pain will only find themselves taking more pills a few hours later. 



At Recovery Chiropractic we help you to find the cause of your pains.  Through proper chiropractic adjustments and other posture correcting exercises, you will begin to see the wonderful benefits of chiropractic treatments. 



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