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What is “Whiplash”?

Whiplash is the mechanism of acceleration then deceleration of the neck that transfers energy through the neck.  In other words, your neck acts like a whip, which can be caused by sports injuries, falls, or car accidents.
Whiplash injuries are the most frequent injuries sustained in automobile accidents.  They generally occur when a vehicle is hit by another vehicle that is traveling at a much faster rate of speed.  This causes the occupants of the car to be forced forward with great stress and then the neck will be “snapped” or “whipped” backward.  The exact mechanism depends on the direction of the impact but the result is an injury to the cervical spine which can be severe and cause a great deal of pain and dysfunction in the neck. 

What are the symptoms?
Although the symptoms of a whiplash injury can vary greatly depending on the force of impact and the positioning of the individual, the principal symptoms are as follows:
Pain in the head and neck.  Generally the pain starts out being very mild but the intensity gradually increases as more time passes.
Inflammation and decreased range of motion in the cervical spine (neck).
Taut and tender muscles in the neck.  Pain in the shoulders back and arms.

 Is a whiplash injury a serious injury?
In the large majority of cases, whiplash injuries are not considered “severe” injuries mainly because they are not a life threatening injury.  Nevertheless, these injuries can be “severe” to the individual because they can be debilitating and severely affect their activities of daily living.  Dr. Johnson is trained to evaluate the severity of the whiplash injury and prescribe the proper course of care.

What should I expect in the treatment of a whiplash injury?
Each treatment will depend on the degree of injury.  In general terms, the doctor will evaluate your injury, listen to your description of symptoms, and will provide you with a treatment plan that is designed specifically for you.  A complete examination and x rays (when necessary) will be taken to provide you with the best diagnosis for the best chance of improvement.

The chiropractic treatment is based on the adjustment of the spine that will help restore proper posture and bring improved range of motion much quicker than if a person were to solely take medication for their pain.  Each person should understand that consistency and strict adherence to the treatment plan will bring the best outcome and will help resolve the musculoskeletal problems much faster and much safer than if trying to treat your symptoms alone. 




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